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Anonymous: forgot to say happy birthday YESTERDAY


Anonymous: What is the name of the foundation/ powder you use on your face? Please share darling:) you always look so damn stunning & flawless. Help a sista out <3 xoxoxoxo

I use Mac’s mineralised powder foundation :) I don’t put anything really heavy like Studio Fix or liquid foundation.

"you stuck a bookmark in my heart and then walked away." - saul williams 
i guess what i wanted more than anything was for you to see yourself the way i saw you. to know that i loved you in this bizarre unreal way where i didn&#8217;t know a single thing about you but i wanted to. and all i could feel was how closed those doors were. i found myself so desperate for any part of you. even the parts you gave no one because they weren&#8217;t important. no one watches for those kinds of things. the number of freckles on your arm or the way you take your shoes off and put your feet on top of them. but here i was in love with someone i didn&#8217;t know a thing about. in love with their quirks. in love with how utterly human they were. how nobody appreciated the most appreciable things about a person. this was all the director&#8217;s cut i couldn&#8217;t stop watching. rewinding over and over again. i was drowning in the parts everybody saw but nobody watched. that&#8217;s where i fell in love with you.
Bad Girl&#8217;s Vindiction turned 5 today!
"Remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted." #plathheart #liveitloveitlustit #coldweather #selfie
In the land of Gods and monsters, I was an angel looking to get fucked hard. #lanadelsexy #atworkholla #vansgirl
A service rendered without joy helps neither the servant or the served. #imissmybestfriend #staypositive #artsandcrafts #justgotoutofclass #nowork #wahoo #timetodomypaper #blah #me #selfie
coleyworld: pon pon way way way pon pon way pon way pon pon way way pon pon pon way way pon way pon way way

.. Vat?

joycejaylee-deactivated20140624: i lesbians you, breast friend <3

I lesbians you too, mwa!

Anonymous: are you straight ? :)


In Scripps Ranch! What I love about this area: you&#8217;re always running into people. #sickhangs

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